School Profile

Ashburton Primary School is a government education setting for 481 students from Prep to Year 6. It is located 12 kilometres East from Melbourne and has been providing public education since 1928. It is located in the Boroondara Local Government Area and is part of the North Eastern Region of Victoria.

A total of $9.3 million has been spent on redeveloping and refurbishing the school through Commonwealth and Federal government funding.  Our learning spaces provide an education that is contemporary, relevant and rigorous.  A dedicated team of professionals apply their skills and knowledge to personalise students learning and collaborate together, whilst developing strong relationships. Staff surveys confirm a deep satisfaction in the school climate in particular the development of professional knowledge and practice. The culture of a learning community is fostered through educational programs that cater for a range of abilities physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively to ensure our students flourish. The performance data confirms that high standards are achieved in all areas.

Ashburton Primary School offers a broad curriculum for its students with explicit focus on Literacy and Numeracy.  The Victorian curriculum areas of science, humanities (history, geography, economics), health, civics and citizenship, design, creativity and technology are taught through an integrated approach titled ‘Connected Learning’. Currently all students have weekly sessions in Japanese, Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and a term session of STEM. Dedicated staff members teach all specialist areas.

Ashburton Primary School reflects a high socio-economic profile with many families from diverse cultural backgrounds.  Over twenty different languages are spoken at home, with many bi- and tri- lingual students. There is very little student transfer during the academic year. Parents have high aspirations for their children and enthusiastically support programs and fundraising activities.

There is a strong sense of connection between all stakeholders at Ashburton Primary School.