Internet Safety

Digital learning is an important part of education today. When combined with quality teaching, the purposeful and effective use of digital technologies improves learning. With the current set up of class sets in rooms (at a ratio of around 4 students per device), we are able to do so much.

Beginning in 2019 in Years 3 and 4, the Ashburton Primary School 1-1 iPad Program was introduced, a 1-1 (also known as Bring Your Own Device Program), a situation where students bring, each day, a device for their personal use in the classroom. In this case, an iPad. 

Ashburton Primary have begun our steps towards becoming an accredited eSmart School. The eSmart program is a framework for the school to work through with students, staff and parents on using technologies in a way that we are responsible digital citizens but also users who know how to keep safe online. Combined with this formal program, students in the 1-1 program have been co-creators of an iPad Code of Conduct, the “rules” of usage.