Health & Wellbeing

Ashburton Primary School students’ educational journey is fortified by positive relationships, pro-social values and an engaging curriculum, culminating in individual and collective Student Wellbeing. A sense of worth and personal identity helps empower our students to take responsibility for their actions and be involved in co-operative decision making.

Cooperative learning and group activities in class also contribute to positive peer relationships. This collaboration is fostered by our School Values, our Rights and Responsibilities, and the SMILE Program.

SMILE Program

The aim of the SMILE program is to

  • develop a whole school approach to the acquisition of skills and strategies that promote student wellbeing.
  • foster positive relationships between students Prep – Year 6.
  • create a positive, optimistic school community.

Sessions take place on Monday mornings following assembly in thier classrooms. Smile Awards are given when students are noticed displaying positive ‘Smile’ behaviour. Awards are published in the newsletter and presented at Assemblies.

Each student is allocated to a Smile Group. All members of the teaching staff are involved and remain with their group for 2 or 3 years. In doing so, all children have another adult with whom they can connect and relate. Once a term, the SMILE group completes a whole school activity related to a concept that has been taught.

This year we are focusing on our school value of RESILIENCE.

Term 1 Smile activity was to create an Ashburton ‘I am tree’. You can find the tree on the wall opposite the Performing Arts room.

Rights & Responsibilities

Classes negotiate their own set of rights and responsibilities at the start of the year and rules and consequences are displayed in every room. These Rights and Responsibilities:

  • outline students’, parents’ and the school’s rights and responsibilities.
  • explain whole school prevention strategy;
  • outline shared expectations; and
  • clarifies the consequences if a child’s behaviour is not acceptable.

Every student receives a copy of the Rights and Responsibilities in the Current Student Information Kit at the end of the year. We encourage our students and their families to become familiar with them. You can also find a copy on our website.

Positive consequences for meeting high expectations and rewarding appropriate behaviour are the priority. All adults working with our students are informed of student expectations and strategies to ensure consistency and fairness.

Our School Values


Being accountable for your own actions


Respecting others and the environment


Maintaining a positive attitude & demonstrating persistence

The School Values are intertwined with all practices of teaching and learning as well as the building of social relationships. Students, teachers and parents are expected to model these values when interacting.

Programs that support positive relationships are implemented across the school starting with Prep Buddies and leading onto Special Friends, Kids Hope Oz, Peer Mediation and leadership opportunities. These programs involve consultation with students. The aim is to promote a sense of belonging and the development of supportive relationships.

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediators are Year Six students trained to help other students resolve problems in the playground. Mediators are taught active listening, critical thinking and problem solving to encourage communication and cooperation. They help others to negotiate solutions to problems and create a positive atmosphere in the playground. Pairs of mediators, in distinctive red vests, work at recess and lunchtime in the playground.

Buddy Programs

A range of programs operate from Prep to Year 6 to build cooperation, resilience and initiative. Buddy Programs encourage leadership and foster attitudes of care and respect for others. Prep students are matched with Year 5 students as their buddy and the Year 6 students have a special friend in Year 1.

Student Representative Council

At Ashburton Primary School, students may be involved in the decision making process through a number of avenues. Each year, they are involved in the establishment of their class values. Students may also be elected to the Student Representative Council. Each student representative takes the opinions of its nominated class to the Council. We believe this opportunity to voice students’ opinions enables a spirit of mutual respect and support.

Parent Participation

Parent participation at Ashburton Primary School is encouraged and valued in a broad range of activities. These include membership of the School Council and its administrative committees and of the Parent Association. Parents are encouraged to assist in the classroom, on excursions, and in a wide range of support activities and events. Parent Programs are offered each year covering a range of topics. The development of a strong home-school partnership with parents and the community is very important to the success of our school.

Healthy Lifestyle Program

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of our Wellbeing Program. Students are encouraged to recognize the benefits of regular exercise and offered a wide range of physical activities at school. The importance of eating nutritious food is emphasized and students are encouraged to bring healthy food and water for snacks and lunches.