It has been just over 90 years since Ashburton Primary School first opened its doors to students in May 1928.

We believe that an enduring partnership between our staff, parents and carers is the foundation of our School Community and vital to the success of our school.

The School Community provides strong support for the school through active involvement in management, administrative, classroom, social, and fundraising tasks through:

School Council

School Council members, representing parents, teachers, and members of the community, are elected or appointed for a two-year term. They meet monthly and parents are welcome to observe; please call The Office if you are interested. Councillors are active on working Committees and may also accept an executive position as Council President, Treasurer or Secretary. Current committees include Finance, Fundraising, Community Engagement, Education and Policy Development. Our current School Council President is Nicole Gillard.

Class Representative Scheme

Early in Term One, parents are invited to volunteer for the role of Class Representative of their child’s class. Two Class Reps liaise between their class teacher and parents of their class/year level, and other school bodies. They also:

  • call on parents to help in class or other related school activities;
  • generate a class list of student and parent/s names and contact numbers;
  • join other Class Reps in that year level to organise a school activity;
  • organise occasional social activities for parents within their class/year level;
  • encourage other parents to visit the classroom and the teacher informally.

This scheme allows parents to meet others in the School Community.

Class Support

Ashburton Primary School encourages parents to participate in their child’s learning programs by assisting teachers:

  • in creative arts programs and activities;
  • to walk children to swimming lessons;
  • during inter-school sports and/or
  • during excursions and camps.


Information Events

Many Information Events are held at the school at night to accommodate all parents. Other such events include the Prep Transition Program for new students and parents, Transition to Secondary School and Human Development.

Prep Transition Program

The Ashburton Primary School’s Prep Transition Program prepares and welcomes new students to their first year of school. The Program begins during the year before preps are expected to begin school. A series of familiarisation activities are held for both the children and their parents. They are run by the Prep Coordinator and the Prep Teachers with assistance from the Enrolment Officer, P.A. and the School community.

Social & Fund Raising Activities

Numerous fund raising activities are held by Ashburton Primary School each year. In the past these have included: the Grand Fair, various food days, Walk-a-thons and more. These raise money for Ashburton Primary and local initiatives. Every year, APS fundraising teams come up with new and exciting programs for us to try.