Effective communication between teachers and parents at Ashburton Primary School is made possible through several avenues during the school year.

These include our school website, newsletters, information sessions, meetings, social gatherings, community events, conferences, individual progress reports, administrative reports, school assemblies, and parent education programs.

Information is also distributed by teachers to familiarise parents with their children’s day-to-day class activities.

COVID-19 Update: 

Communication during times of remote and flexible learning will primarily be through email and Compass notifications. It is important to regularly check your email for updates from the school and teachers. 

The preferred method of contact is via email at: If your matter is urgent in nature, please contact the school on (03) 9885 2559. Due to the recent government restrictions, a limited number of staff members will be onsite – as such, please email whenever possible. 

We recommend all parents to install the Compass app onto their devices to keep up to date with school announcements. For information regarding Compass, please refer to this parents guide. 


A newsletter is distributed every second Wednesday via Compass. This may be adjusted during times of remote learning. 

School Assemblies

School Assemblies are postponed until further notice.