we continue in our efforts to improve and refine our means of communication, we want to share with you the range of methods we follow to send and receive important information and keep everyone informed. 


Compass Newsfeeds

When an important date, event, excursion or news needs to be communicated, a Compass newsfeed will almost always be the method. If you have the Compass app installed on your phone (and we recommend that you do), you will receive a notification alerting you when a message is assigned to you. You can scroll previous newsfeeds at later dates too. We endeavour to minimise the number of newsfeeds a day. 




  APS News – 


Published fortnightly, the APS News site is a place for us to share the latest news from the school  – celebrating student achievements, sharing the teaching and learning from the classrooms and other big events. You will also be able to find term overviews at the start each term, as well as Information Slides at the start of the year which cover how we teach the curriculum and what to expect for the year. It’s where you will find the Principal’s report, a list of upcoming dates, Parents’ Association news and lots, lots more. You will receive a Compass newsfeed when the site has been updated.


The School Website


This is our official school website and acts as our public facing promotion for our school. This is primarily designed for prospective parents and families to obtain general information about Ashburton Primary School. Subsequently, it is updated infrequently, and as such, is not really of use to our enrolled families. The APS News site is go to for the information you need. 



Our new display boards

At the end of Term 2, you may have noticed some new additions to the external walls around the school. Large lockable display boards have been installed on the Prep, Year 1 and front of the hall to provide you with another location to keep up to date with what is happening in the school. These displays will showcase the most recent home page of the APS News (and a QR code to quickly access the site and read more), flyers for lunchtime clubs, promotional material for upcoming events, a QR code to read more about the Parents’ Association and lots more over time. 


Student reports

At the end of Term 2, student reports were published on Compass. They are available via the reports tab on each child’s Compass dashboard. Our records indicate that a number of parents have yet to access these reports. We encourage everyone to view them to understand their child’s academic progress. Semester 2 reports will be available in December.


Term Expo

At the end of each term we invite parents and carers to view a sample of their child’s term work via our Term Expos. These are held in classrooms and have two viewing times – before and after school. Look for a Compass newsfeed at a closer date for detailed information.


Teacher email


The email system is designed for sharing information from home that you feel the teacher needs to know. This could include letting the teacher know that your child has an appointment that day, that they had a rough night the night 

before, or that they have misplaced their jumper and have a non-uniform one today. Email is also an effective way to 

organise a meeting time/phone call. Emails will be checked between 8.30am and 4pm school days, and we aim to respond or acknowledge at the latest by the end of the next school day. Please do not expect an immediate response. Time sensitive messages are be better sent via the office. Teacher emails are available from from the Star menu when viewing Compass on a computer, or alternatively it is available directly with this link


The Office

Our office is staffed from 8.15am until around 4pm each day. Parents are welcome to come in to ask questions, pay fees or deliver/collect medication etc. You are always welcome to call the office during these hours on 9813 9400 or emailing anytime via 



Assemblies are scheduled to take place every second Friday in the hall at 2pm. Parents are welcome to attend. Much of the content is also shared via the APS News site.