Perceptual Motor Program

Perceptual Motor Program aims to give the Prep child experiences in seeing, hearing, touching, processing, making perceptual judgements and reacting though carefully sequenced activities which children enjoy doing like running, hopping, skipping, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching, bowling, sliding, etc., using a variety of common and specially designed equipment.

The perceptions the child needs can be grouped as:

  1. perception of self (body image, body control, laterality) if problems of reversals, sidedness, etc. are to be avoided in the classroom.
  2. a perception of space, if problems with handwriting, poor use of time and inappropriate movement patterns are to be avoided.
  3. a perception of time (body rhythm) if the child is to be able to remember things rhythmically and move efficiently and effectively in his / her world.

 A true Perceptual Motor Program aims to be “ preventative rather than curative”, diagnosing and working with problems which impinge upon the child’s mode of operation in the classroom. By providing effective experiences and modes of operation, the child will have opportunities for more effective learning. It also develops good social skills and self esteem.