Performing Arts

Performing Arts comprises of four main components: Music, Dance, Drama and Media. Class are taught by Mrs Raab. Each week students attend a session that runs for 50 minutes. Students will be provided with the opportunity to perform at assembly and other events throughout the year.


Performing Arts Prep – 2

Drama and Media Semester 1
Students in Prep-2 will explore Drama through picture storybooks, improvisation and dramatic play. They will explore different ways use voice, facial expressions, movement and space to imagine and improvise characters and situations.

Building on the Drama skills learnt in term 1, students will use media technologies to capture and create media artworks that communicate ideas to an audience. Prep students will focus on the importance of voice and body positioning when recording a media project. They will use these skills to participate in a class movie. Our prep students will also have to opportunity to explore different apps to create photo stories and puppet shows.Year one and two students will explore filming using a green screen as well as stop motion animation.

Music and Dance Semester 2
In Dance students will create their own movements based on a variety of topics as their stimulus. They will respond to choreographed dance sequences and have the opportunity to make their own choreographed and improvised dance sequences. They will also learn a choreographed song for the whole school concert.

In Music students will begin learning the building blocks of music such as dynamics, pitch, beat and rhythm. Students will explore a variety of percussion instruments and use these to create accompaniments for songs, chants and rhymes. Students will also be introduced to the solfège method of singing and begin to explore musical notation using both invented and basic standard notation.


Performing Arts Years 3 – 6

Drama and Media Semester 1
In Drama students in Years 3 and 4 will learn specific drama techniques. They will participate in activities that focus on developing their speech and enunciation, improvisation and audience skills. They will play games to develop their confidence and willingness to perform. Students will work in small groups to create a short performance based on the school values – Responsibility, Respect and Resilience. They will film and edit their performance using iMovie.

Building on the drama skills learnt in Years 3 and 4, students in Years 5 and 6 will create performances based on the idea of a lifestyle television show. They will work in small groups to produce a segment and use the school environment effectively to make their performance realistic. Students will also film and edit their segment using iMovie.

Dance and Music Semester 2
In Dance students will create their own performances in groups. Their group dances will be based on topics and explore specific dance elements. Students will also learn a choreographed dance routine for the Whole School Concert in Term 3.

In Music students in Years 3 and 4 will be taught to play chords on the ukulele as an accompaniment to their singing. Students will learn both traditional and popular songs appropriate to their age and development.

Students in Years 5and 6 will build on their ukulele playing by learning to play and read musical notes. They will build on their understanding of rhythm, pitch, aural awareness, coordination and music theory.

Instrumental Tuition
Instrumental tuition occurs after school and includes the following instruments: keyboard, guitar, percussion and singing. Instrumental tuition is a fee paying service offered by Creative Music and Junior Rockers.