Performing Arts

Performing Arts comprises of four main components: Music, Dance, Drama and Media. Classes are taught by Ms Felicity Jesperson.

Performing Arts Prep – 2

Students in Years Prep-2 will learn the building blocks of music such as dynamics, pitch, beat and rhythm. They will create music using their voices and by playing untuned and tuned percussion. Throughout the year, Years 1 and 2 students will play xylophones and glockenspiels as part of the Marimba Music unit. Music games focusing on musical concepts and building confidence, will continue to be a focus for Prep students. The introduction of rhythmic notation will be enable students to build on their understanding of rhythm and 4/4 timing.

Performing Arts Years 3 – 6

Students in Years 3-6 will be taught to play ukulele as an accompaniment to their singing. Students will learn both traditional and popular songs appropriate to their age and development. They will build on their understanding of rhythm, pitch, aural awareness, coordination and music theory. The ukulele is a very social instrument. Learning ukulele gives children opportunities to develop their singing, playing and creative music skills, and to participate in authentic music-making communities. Ukuleles are very portable, cheap and relatively easy to play, which promotes confidence and enjoyment in music.

Instrumental Tuition
Instrumental tuition occurs after school and includes the following instruments: keyboard, guitar, percussion and singing. Instrumental tuition is a fee paying service offered by Creative Music and Junior Rockers.