Supplementing the Curriculum

Leadership Programs

Students are expected to work and play cooperatively taking individual and collective pride in the school. This belief underpins our leadership programs which include Peer Mediation, Cross Age Activities, Prep Pals, Special Friends, the Year 6 Leadership program, the Junior School Council and School Captains program.

Camp in Years 4, 5 and 6

Year 6 students attend an adventure camp based at Cave Hill Creek. Students participate in a range of fun and challenging activities designed to build positive cooperative relationships.

Year 5 students attend an adventure camp at Mt Eliza titled Camp Manyung. The camp is full of individual and team challenges.


Instrumental Music

An Instrumental Music program is offered to students by both Creative Music and Junior Rockers to learn one of a number of musical instruments. This fee paying service offers weekly lessons and rehearsals held after school. Performances are given at school assemblies and other school events.

Lunchtime Activities

Students are offered the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities during lunchtime. These have included soccer, chess club, yoga and dancing. As some of these activities are taught by specialists, the classes may incur a small cost per child. The library and art rooms are also open to students during selected lunchtimes for quiet activities.

Sport Programs

Sporting excellence is fostered through participation in individual and team activities, including interschool sport and zone competitions. Programs are offered by outside agencies at lunchtime, during and after school to extend the range of available activities, and have previously included swimming, athletics, dancing, AFL football and soccer, cricket, basketball and netball.

Physical Education

A number of extra opportunities are offered through the Physical Education program:

  • Ashburton ‘Mini Olympics’ All
  • Triskills Gymnastic Program All
  • SSV State Trials Year 5-6
  • Swimming Lessons Prep – Year 4
  • Perceptual Motor Program Prep
  • Developmental PE Selected Year 1
  • Interschool Sport Year 6
  • Interschool Swimming Year 4-6
  • Interschool Cross Country Year 4-6
  • Hooptime Basketball Year 3-6
  • Interschool Athletics Year 4-6
  • Interschool Tennis Year 5

Support and Enrichment Programs

Additional support and enrichment opportunities are provided in and out of class for small groups or individual students in both Literacy and Numeracy. Our Assistant Principals work in collaboration with class teachers and support teachers to develop short term programs that meet the needs of identified students. A group of aides provide long term intervention to students with specific academic or physical needs. They also provide additional small group assistance across the school.

Health & Human Development

  • Specialist events for Years 4, 5 and 6