Getting to School

The safety of our children must be our foremost concern when we travel to and park near Ashburton Primary School, so please take extra care and vigilantly observe all the parking signs and speed regulations within the school vicinity. Ashburton Primary School (M 60 E9) is bordered by Fakenham Rd to the north, Carool Rd to the west, and private residences to the east and south.

Pedestrian Crossings
Pedestrian crossings near the perimeter of the school are manned by Boroondara Council employees from 8.45 – 9.00 am and 3.00 – 3.45 pm every school day. These are the safest places to cross these roads. Ashburton Primary School families should seek out these pedestrian crossings:

  • in front of the school over Fakenham Rd;
  • beside Ashburton train station across Welfare Parade; and
  • near Carool Road across High Street.

Driving & Parking
Parking is available along Fakenham Rd, Welfare Parade and in angled parking next to the Staff carpark. The Staff Carpark is unavailable to the public/parents between 7am to 4.30pm. Parking is regulated according to Boroondara Council Regulations. There are many parking restrictions around the school. Please read the street signs carefully.

2 Minute drop off Zone
Fakenham Rd has a 2 minute parking zone to pick up and drop off your child. We ask that parents do not leave their cars in this zone.

Riding Bicycles or Scooters
Students who ride scooters to school must wear an approved safety helmet. Scooters are stored near the portables on the oval. Students may ride bicycles to school if they have parent/guardian permission. Bicycles must not be ridden in the school ground. All bicycles must have a lock. Bicycles are stored behind the lower basketball court. 

Public Transport
Public buses travel regularly along High Street (south of the school) and Warrigal Road (east of the school). One block west of the school, within easy walking distance across Welfare Parade, is the Ashburton Train Station on the Alamein train line.

We encourage all students and families to adopt active and sustainable modes of travel such as walking, cycling and scooting. Ashburton Primary School requests that parents reduce the number of car trips to and from school (if possible).