SMILE is a unique social skills and values education program created by Ashburton Primary School staff.

The aim of the SMILE program is

  • To develop a whole school approach to the acquisition of skills and strategies that promote student wellbeing.
  • To foster positive relationships between students Prep – Year 6.
  • To provide leadership opportunities for Year 6 students.
  • To create a positive, optimistic school community.

Each student is allocated to a Smile Group. A teacher and at least one Year 6 student lead the sessions. All members of the teaching staff are involved and remain with their group for 2 or 3 years. In doing so, all children have another adult with whom they can connect and relate.

Students are provided with a scrapbook which becomes their Smile Journal and provides a record of their involvement in the Smile Program. Their journal stays with their Smile teacher and is returned at the end of Year 6.

Sessions take place on Monday mornings and alternate with assemblies. Dates are published in the School newsletter. Smile Awards are given when students are noticed displaying positive ‘Smile’ behaviour. Awards are published in the newsletter and presented at Assemblies.

2014 will be The Year of Respect at Ashburton Primary School.