Year Six Masterchef

You might not think that Year Sixes can cook but when I walked in as a special guest for the 2014 Ashburton Primary Masterchef Feast and smelt the aroma of the chicken soup I thought otherwise. With the hustle and bustle of parents heating the food up and children running around setting tables up with chairs and tablecloths it was a busy atmosphere.

The Year Sixes had spent the last few weeks planning, shopping, preparing and cooking for this one hour. But the work had seemed to pay off. When the first meal came out, a buzz of excitement reached my ears. After the the cracking chicken soup arrived the whole room fell silent because they were all too busy tucking in.

The soup was made of a generous helping of chicken, carrot, potato, celery and broth. The broth was a standout with strong flavours that complimented the rest of the dish perfectly.

Next course was some marvellous meatballs in some splendid sauce. The sauce overpowered that fell apart at a touch and weren’t very substantial. The dish was still delicious and my bowl was wiped clean by the end.

Then my favourite dish of the event was brought out. The phenomenal apple pie. With crunchy pastry; tangy, sweet filling and large chunks of apples it was scrumptious. It was accompanied by vanilla ice-cream that set the dish off into outer space. I would recommend it to the fussiest of eaters.

This was followed by amazing apple muffins. I was lucky enough to get two and tried to eat them as slow as possible to make them last. It was so good that my friend tried to steal some off me.

Anyone who wants an awesome meal make sure that next year you are over there and enjoy an hour gorging yourself on brilliant food.

Eleanor E