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In 2015 we introduced a school management system called COMPASS. Parents will be given access to make payments, record student absences, access student reports and generally communicate with the school. Compass provides the school community with a range of facilities which streamline communication and provide improved access to information. Parents are able to login to Compass using their family login details via the “Compass Community Portal” located on the home page of the School Website.

Team Kids


TeamKids is a premium before, after and vacation care provider. Their teacher qualified staff enable children to explore exceptional experiences that excite, engage and entertain. Come join TeamKids and let the fun begin!

For the past seven years, TeamKids has been consistently voted by children, parents, schools and now the Department of Education Victoria, as the ‘provider of choice’ for vacation care.

The TeamKids holiday program is industry leading. They run a balanced mix of in-house activities, incursions and excursions with extended hours to suit working families.

Holiday Program Details

Ashburton Primary School
Fakenham Road,
Ashburton, VIC 3147

On-site Location
School Hall

Hours & Fees
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Drop off anytime before 9.30am unless otherwise specified on daily description below. Pickup anytime after 4pm.

Bookings & Cancellations
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Customer Support
9am – 5pm Term Times
7am – 6.30pm Holiday Times

03 9532 0366

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School Uniform

School Uniform can now be ordered online, please visit and Register today.

Classroom Cuisine & Milk Bar

Classroom Cuisine 2019

Milkbar 2019

School Term Dates 2018

Term 4

8 October – 21 December


School Term Dates 2019

Term 1

29 January: Curriculum Day – No School

30 January: Curriculum Day – No School

Term Dates: 31 January (Thursday – whole school starts) – 5 April

31 January: Preps attend from 9am – 1pm only

8 March: Curriculum Day – No School

Term 2

23 April – 28 June

Term 3

15 July – 20 September

Term 4

7 October – 20 December


Outside School Hours Care

TeamKids is setting a new standard in Before, After & Vacation Care. We develop exceptional experiences that excite, engage and entertain and provide an unparalleled level of comfort for schools and families.

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It has been just over 80 years since Ashburton Primary School first opened its doors to students in May 1928.

We believe that an enduring partnership between our staff, parents and carers is the foundation of our School Community and vital to the success of our school.

The School Community provides strong support for the school through active involvement in management, administrative, classroom, social, and fundraising tasks through:


School Council
School Council members,  representing parents, teachers, and members of the community, are elected or appointed for a two-year term. They meet monthly and parents are welcome to observe; please call The Office if you are interested. Councillors are active on working Committees and may also accept an executive position as Council President, Treasurer or Secretary. Current committees include Finance, Fundraising, Community Engagement, Education and Policy Development.




The Parents’ Association
The Parents’ Association (P.A.) is a network of parents who encourage our families to participate in school activities and events and who help communication between School staff, School Council, and families. While it is informal, the P.A. is ‘managed’ by a small committee, elected by parents at the P.A. Annual General Meeting. All parents are welcome and, indeed, encouraged to attend the regular P.A.meetings, advertised in the School Newsletter and on the School website. A P.A. representative is also a community member of the School Council.  The Co-ordinator of the Class Representative Scheme is also a member of the P.A. Committee.



Class Representative Scheme
Early in Term One, parents are invited to volunteer for the role of Class Representative of their child’s class.  Two Class Reps liaise between their class teacher and parents of their class/year level, and other school bodies. They also:


  • call on parents to help in class or other related school activities;
  • generate a class list of student and parent/s names and contact numbers;
  • join other Class Reps in that year level to organise a school activity;
  • organise occasional social activities for parents within their class/year level;
  • encourage other parents to visit the classroom and the teacher informally.

This scheme allows parents to meet others in the School Community.


Class Support
Ashburton Primary School encourages parents to participate in their child’s learning programs by assisting teachers:


  • in class literacy and numeracy programs;
  • in creative arts programs and activities;
  • to walk children to swimming lessons;
  • during inter-school sports and/or
  • during excursions and camps.

A number of supporting parent programs are offered each year e.g. Classroom Helpers Program.


Information Events
Many Information Events are held at the school at night to accommodate all parents. Other such events include the Prep Transition Program for new students and parents, Transition to Secondary School and Human Development.



Prep Transition Program

The Ashburton Primary School’s Prep Transition Program prepares and welcomes new students to their first year of school. The Program begins during the year before preps are expected to begin school. A series of familiarisation activities are held for both the children and their parents. They are run by the Prep Coordinator and the Prep Teachers with assistance from the Enrolment Officer, P.A. and the School community.





Social & Fund Raising Activities
Numerous fund raising activities are held by Ashburton Primary School each year. The most significant is the annual Grand Fair which is managed by a small group of fair convenors and a large number of activity and stall convenors, who are supported by dozens of parents. All these people are parent volunteers. Information about the Grand Fair and other fund raising activities is regularly promoted throughout the school year.





Effective communication between teachers and parents at Ashburton Primary School is made possible through several avenues during the school year.

These include our school website, newsletters, information sessions, meetings, social gatherings, community events, conferences, individual progress reports, administrative reports, school assemblies, and parent education programs.

Information is also distributed by teachers to familiarise parents with their children’s day-to-day class activities.


A newsletter is distributed every second Wednesday on the school website.

School Assemblies

School Assemblies are held on every Monday morning.

How do we learn?

Over the course of the year, the Leadership team will be presenting different ideas, theories and research papers on ‘how do we learn?’ Learning theory is complex, involved and as expected has many points of view. At Ashburton Primary School, as at most schools, we have melded a number of learning theories to develop our beliefs and understandings about how students learn in order to provide the best possible learning outcomes academically, socially and emotionally for your children. Most learning theories abide under three premises;

  • We learn through social interaction
  • We all learn in different ways and at different rates
  • Learning needs to be relevant, meaningful and purposeful

Please read the following Learning Theory articles.

Internet Safety

Earlier this year we held a parent presentation on Internet Safety provided by Federal Police and Microsoft.

We want to encourage young people to have fun online and with mobile technologies, but to always stay in control.

Just as you try to protect your child in the real world, you would also like to keep them safe in the online world. Helping to equip young people with online safety skills will help them to get the most out of the Internet and to stay in control whilst doing so. If you would like to find out more go to the Think u know site.

Parent Guide to Victorian Government Schools

A new booklet from the DEECD designed to inform parents about the great things happening in Victorian government schools. This is part of the Shine campagin currently airing on televsion. Click on the PDF file to download the booklet.

School Policies Link

These policies will be reviewed and updated as necessary. They can be accessed on Compass and by clicking on the following link: