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Action characterises school life at Ashburton Primary School. It is a very exciting time in the history of the school as we enhance our learning spaces to provide an education that is contemporary, relevant and rigorous. Educating your child for the 21st Century requries a dedicated team of professionals who have the skills and knowledge to be able to personalise your child’s learning and collaborate together, whilst developing strong relationships. As parents, the school values your support to optimise your child’s learning and development.

Writers notebook

Want to understand the new approach to writing? Olive R has written an instruction manual for beginners and parents. Please enjoy reading it.

Writers Notebook.pdf

The Quilt Project

The Quilt Project is designed to be used at the start of the new school year, as a way of helping students to get to know new classmates while introducing them to measurement and geometry concepts and skills.  It also sets the scene for a maths program that values collaboration, hands on maths, the use of clear, specific mathematical language and an emphasis on problem solving. Read more about the Quilt Project (1.4MB pdf)

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